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We are an action vehicle provider to the TV & Film industry offering British and American emergency vehicles as well as supercars and general civilian vehicles. We're also available for business events and have worked with and along side large corporate businesses such as Dunkin' Donuts UK, BBC, Channel 5. Our emergency vehicles in the fleet can be used for TV, film and music videos or even an advert for your business. If you'd like anymore information, please do contact us and we are more than happy to answer any questions and queries you may have. We have been established for 6 years and have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the country. We provide services to all sectors of the Television and Film Industry, Charity Organisations and special events. With a wide variety of British and American emergency vehicles, including Police Cars, Ambulances and Fire Appliances (with working lights and sirens), we can ensure that your needs are completely fulfilled. With clients spanning from Hollywood productions, to national television and even University students, our affordable prices are competitive - to allow productions of all sizes to experience the same level of quality used in our vehicles, uniforms and props. Police car hire, ambulance for hire, uniform hire, props hire, 999 Vehicles, police extras, ambulance extras, police uniform, ambulance uniform.

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