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About Bailey Balloons

Bailey Balloons are aerial filming experts with a difference! They film using hot air balloons, blimps and micro helicopters.

Clive Bailey recently flew Sir David Attenborough at high altitude over the Swiss Alps to film his introduction to Planet Earth 2. They also flew Jamie Oliver for is TV series Jamie's Great Britain, from Ashton Court in Bristol. Other recent celebs include Ant and Dec for Britain's Got Talent being filmed from a helicopter circling a Union Jack balloon.

They also operate the One Show Balloon for the BBC and have had some stunning flights filming across the UK including the tulip fields of Norfolk! The One Show have commissioned 4 balloon weeks with Bailey Balloons.


Jo Bailey appeared in the LandRover in a world wide television ad in a one person Cloud Hopper balloon filmed in Vancouver at night and over the Canadian Rockies.

Bailey Balloons are an award-winning company and in 2011 picked up four awards including one presented by HRH Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace!


Clive Bailey and Jo Bailey have a long list of credentials in the TV and film world. They can help you achieve stunning aerial shots from unique angles. Clive Bailey is renowned for his skill in flying hot air balloons and has also achieved fabulous aerial shots with the micro copter that reaches parts other cameras cannot go!


For all of your aerial filming needs with aerial filming from hot air balloons to aerial filming with micro helicopters to aerial stunts and crane work, please contact Bailey Balloons for spectacular results!



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