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Phil Thomas Freelance Camera Operator

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Phil Thomas Freelance Camera Operator
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Phil Thomas - Freelance Cameraman/Steadicam Owner

About Phil Thomas Freelance Camera Operator

Phil Thomas is a freelance cameraman, Steadicam operator, Tricaster Operator and OB / Web stream / Event Technician. He is based near Bristol and Bath, so is ideally located for shoots in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cardiff, Wales and the South West and with easy access to the M4 and M5 motorways, it's only a short hop to London, Birmingham or further.

Freelance Cameraman

As a Camera Operator I have worked on productions broadcast on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, NBC, Al Jezeera and with corporate clients such as GB Sport, McDonald's, EMI, Nationwide, British Gas, Nissan, Three Mobile and many more. I have particular experience in outside broadcast, factual and documentary programming and I have been part of a multi-camera team on many live sport international broadcasts. I’m experienced with many different camera types from Sony, Panasonic and Canon shooting to XDCam, P2, Digibeta, DSLR, racked cameras and on the new generation of large sensor cinema style cameras.

As a Steadicam operator I trained under instructors with over 30 years’ combined experience in the Steadicam trade. I have shot on various rigs from the small Steadicam Pilot through the medium Archer and EFP rigs to the larger Steadicam Master flying the heavy cameras. I’ve done a variety of different shots from straight walks and talks to stairs, running, pitch side sports and even an hour-long epic continuous shot.

Tricaster Operator, Web Streaming and Event Technician
I specialise in web streaming and video systems for events, from the cameras to the viewer, whether they are watching online or at the event. I can design, install and run a video system to suit. I have worked on a variety of awards shows, concerts, comedy shows and sporting events in various roles from rigger to vision mixer to camera operator.

I am also a trained Tricaster Operator, which is a portable production system which can vision mix cameras, add graphics, add computer sources, play out VTs, work with green screens and stream to the internet, all live, all in real time, and all from one unit! Live web streaming is a great way to reach out to a wider audience that can be anywhere in world, and because it's live, it can be interactive too. The Tricaster system can add the production value of a network TV style broadcast on a web streaming budget. I often vision mix on other portable production units too, but the Tricaster is the most fun and by far the most powerful.

"I have worked with Phil on numerous occasions and have always been massively impressed with the value he adds to a production. He is a highly experienced camera and steadicam op, and has always produced excellent results whether it has been working with me on producing VT's, complex live OB's or magazine shows.

I recently hired Phil to work as my lead camera op when producing a series of documentaries during the London 2012 Olympic games, and the end results from our shows were fantastic with stunning camera work. The quality of his camera work mixed with his in depth knowledge of broadcast engineering are the reasons that Phil is always the first person on my call sheet."

- James Poole, Head of Production, Tx Sport Media


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