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ALTO Central Storage for News Production, Post Production, Transmission-Ready Content and Archives
ALTO from Disk Archive Corporation is a unique answer to the growing need to store large volumes of Media Assets in a secure, cost effective, high availability Library. For many years this has been the preserve of the Robotic Tape Archive, but ALTO offers a unique alternative which can make owning and operating an Archive much easier. Gone are the large physical space requirements; the need for a carefully controlled dust-free environment; high annual maintenance costs; limited linear access; media migration and repacking. ALTO has also overcome the less desirable aspects of storing a large volume of Archive data on hard disk arrays including vulnerability to data loss, relatively short disk lifetime and high power consumption. ALTO is able to do this due to a unique architecture which is optimized for long-term storage with relatively infrequent access, which is ideally suited for Media Archive applications.

Compact, High Capacity Storage with Low Running Costs
Each ALTO-150 Module provides 150 Terabytes of Raw Storage in a 5RU Chassis. ALTO uses next generation “Green” hard disks which optimize the disk speed and minimize power consumption depending on Read and Write requirements. ALTO’s MAID architecture is designed to spin-down and stop any disk drives which are not being accessed for Reading or Writing which can reduce the power consumption by as much as 500W per hour compared to an equivalent RAID array. Since by the very nature of an Archive, the stored media is accessed relatively infrequently, spinning down any disk drives that are not being used greatly enhances the return on investment with less power consumption, less AC and longer disk life, whilst at the same time offering faster access to stored media than would be possible with a tape archive, no planned maintenance or downtime and significantly less annual maintenance costs.

Scalable Flexible and Reliable Archiving
ALTO protects the stored media with user-selectable Data Replication which offers better protection than a RAID array and by writing complete media files to each disk, ALTO has the added benefit of being able to remove a disk drive from ALTO and read the Media Files on a desktop computer equipped with a SATA Disk Docking Base is fully expandable to more than 1.2 Petabytes in a single rack and can accommodate future high capacity disk drives on a mix-and-match basis.

ALTO Technology & Application Partners
ALTO is a versatile and affordable storage platform, but the true power of ALTO and the return on your investment comes from being able to offer more users better access to your media assets and in doing so increase your production value and at the same time reducing total cost of ownership. Together with class-leading Application Partners in News Production, Post Production, Media Asset Management, VoD, Workflow and Archive Management ALTO can secure your media and unlock the potential of your assets.


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