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TK one (High quality film and video transfers)
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About TK one (High quality film and video transfers)

Broadcast post production facilities, including HD & SD Spirit Telecine, Golden Eye III 2K film scanning, POGLE Revolution grading, tape-to-tape conversion & transfers including legacy tape formats and duplication. Specialising in archive digitisation and project management.

Internationally recognised as a leading telecine facility offering 2K, HD & SD film scanning with many years of industry experience, TK one continues to deliver outstanding work and exceptional client service.

TK one is a major supplier to international broadcasters, archives, content providers and programme distributers. We offer services such as high end standards conversion, encoding & transcoding.

Our services allow clients to maximise the future potential to monetise the income from their collections and preserve longevity of these valuable assets. Our dedicated "legacy video" format transfer services allow all past broadcast programming to be preserved & restored for future transmission.

Recent Case Studies Include:
2012/13: The entire FIFA archive of World Cup soccer preserved in 2K files plus HD broadcast and low res files for future use.

2013: Imperial War Museum's WWI film collection all scanned to 2K & HD files.

2011/12: Thames TV News collection the entire collection migrated to digital files for web based distribution & sales.


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  • CREDITS World at War (Undertook the telecine scanning and grading of the HD remastering of this iconic series)
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