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Chromed up Ltd
07920 482834
Steve Merton
58 Ogden Park,
RG12 9AE

About Chromed up Ltd

We are suppliers of 'Chrome Effect Paint' to various industries ranging from the Film Industry to Modelmakers through to Motorsport.

Our paint can achieve any effect from Steel, Aluminium, Polished Aluminium to High Chrome. No specialized machinery required. There are 2 options to suit your requirements.
  • WET ON WET CHROME. This application takes just 3 minutes from start to finish with a 3 hour drying time at room temperature. No need to bake. The finish is of 2K durability.
  • SUPACHROME 52 YY. This is a 2K Basecoat, Chrome and Ceramic 2K Topcoat for an extra durable finish. This method requires baking at each step. Turnaround time is 1 day.

Coloured chrome may also be achieved by using our special Candy Tints to replicate GOLD, BRONZE, BRASS and COPPER.
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