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The Film and Video industry's easy to use website directory and search engine app with industry and national news and updated throughout the day.

The 4RFV app is an expansion of 4rfv.co.uk and employs native iPhone location technology to help you find the business's nearest you.


  • Search for the companies nearest you by category
  • Search by a companies name
  • Get directions to companies all over Northern Ireland
  • Add company information to your iPhone contact list with a single click, including addresses, emails, websites and contact numbers
  • Industry and National News

Search Nearby

Search for the companies nearest you by category.

The app gives you directions from your current location to the company you are looking for.


Up to date news stories for the film and video industry.

Also up to date National news.

What's New

See a list of the newest companies as they are added to 4rfv.co.uk

This includes current companies that have updated their company information.

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