Sonifex RB-SS10 10 Way Stereo Analogue Mixer
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The Sonifex Redbox RB-SS10 10 Way Stereo Analogue Source Selector/Mixer is a 1U rack-mount unit that produces a stereo analogue audio output from 10 selectable stereo analogue sources. There are 10 illuminated front panel push buttons, which select and indicate the current channel selection. The selection and indication is also available through a remote connector on the rear panel. To stop accidental front panel selection there is a remote input to inhibit the front panel buttons. As well as being able to act as a source select module, the RB-SS10 can act as a mixer, by enabling the mix mode (using the remote input). The gain for left and right inputs can be individually adjusted by using the preset potentiometers on the front panel. As well as routing the selected audio signal, the Redbox unit will also route a remote signal input through the remote connector to the selected input source, for starting external audio equipment such as a CD player. The front panel headphone output has its own volume control, which is independent of the level adjustment for the main outputs, and has a maximum output level of +12dBu. The volume control can be made to also alter the output level of the main XLR outputs by using a switch on the rear panel to enable/disable this feature. There is a designation strip on the front panel, useful for giving the buttons a meaningful description. The strip covers the input gain controls so that once configured, they cant easily be altered - ideal for installation work.
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