Equipment News

Equipment news
Bluebell Opticom Launches BCX-760 Series
Bluebell Opticom has revealed its BCX-760 Series 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) point-to-point fibre link. This camera-back interface enables connection and signal transport between a camera and an OB truck or base station. The BCX-760 interface maps all signals presented at the back of any broadca ...
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RED Studio Packages
RED DSMC2 Studio Package compatible with the RED Weapon 8K and 6k Epic-W Scarlet-W and Raven (p/n PKG-D2-STUDIO) The DSMC2 Studio Package provides a robust array of Input/Output connectors and profess
Sony HKSR 5803HQ Advanced HQ Processor Board
Sony HKSR-5803HQ, Advanced HQ Processor Board, Provides the SRW-5800 with the capability to record and playback RGB (4:4:4) HQ signals
£13,800.00 (inc vat)
Sony HKSR 103 RGB 60P Processor Board
Sony HKSR-103 RGB 60P Processor board for the SRW-1 The HKSR-103 board is a powerful option for the SRW-1, and adds RGB 4:4:4, 1 to 60 frames per second (fps) recording to the Select FPS function. W
£11,880.00 (inc vat)
Sony HKSR 5003 RGB Processor Boards
Sony HKSR-5003 RGB Processor Boards for use with the Sony SRW-5000/1 and SRW-5500/1 HDCAM-SR VTR
£9,840.00 (inc vat)
Sony HKSR 5804 File Transfer Processor Board
Sony HKSR-5804 (HKSR5804) File Transfer Processor Board provides the SRW-5800 with the capabilities to import/export DPX files The HKSR-5804 provides the SRW-5800 with the capabilities to import/expo
£9,540.00 (inc vat)
Datavideo MS-900 is a fully integrated mobile video studio designed around the Datavideo SE-900 modular 8-channel SD switcher. The MS-900 feature set can be expanded with additional input cards and ac
£8,395.00 (exc vat)
The HS-2000L is a five channel 10-bit 1920 x 1080i or 1280 x 720p HD-SDI full AV switcher. Its DVI-D connection makes it ideal for use with presentation software while the integrated audio mixer with
£5,295.00 (exc vat)
The Datavideo HS-2000 is a compact, broadcast quality HD-SDI mobile video studio ideal as a fly away kit. The HS-2000 is a five channel 10-bit 1920x1080i or 1280x720p HD-SDI and DVI-D video & audio s
£5,235.00 (exc vat)
TV One MX 8488 HDMI HD Baset Matrix Routing Switcher
TV One MX-8488 (MX8488) HDMI/HD-BaseT Matrix Routing Switcher FEATURES 8x HDMI inputs 8x HDBaseT outputs HDMI v1.3, HDCP v1.1 & DVI v1.0 compliant Deep Color & 3D support 7.1 LPCM, Dolby TrueHD
£4,191.60 (inc vat)
Datavideo HS-600 is a lightweight Standard Definition studio in a box. The HS-600 is in many respects an affordable, standard definition version of a full broadcast model. It will work time and again
£3,650.00 (exc vat)
Datavideo SE-900 is a modular 8-channel SD switcher with a feature set that may be expanded with additional input cards and accessories. The two piece unit consists of a 19-inch rack mountable main fr
£3,095.00 (exc vat)
The Datavideo SE-2000R is a rackmounted version of the SE-2000 five channel HD video & audio switcher. The unit can be controlled either from a PC or via the front panel. The SE-2000R switcher not o
£2,350.00 (exc vat)
TV One MX 5288 8 X 8 DVI D Matrix Routing Switcher
TV One MX-5288 8 x 8 DVI-D Matrix Routing Switcher MX-5288 8x8 DVI Matrix Switcher is designed to allow distribution of eight DVI-D (w/o HDCP) sources to eight devices independently or all at the sam
£1,590.00 (inc vat)
The Datavideo HS-500 is a compact, portable one box solution, built around the SE-500. Designed with no compromise in performance for users where weight matters. Perfect for applications within educat
£1,475.00 (exc vat)
Sony HVBK-1505 Input Board
Sony HVBK-1505 (HVBK1505) Analogue Input Board for HVR-1500 Digital HD Video Tape Recorder Analog Input Board for HVR-1500 enables analog SD component composite or S-video as well as balanced audio vi
Datavideo SE-600 is an eight input Standard Definition video switcher, with built in dual channel audio mixer. Multi-View output display each input, as well as Program & Preview on one monitor. Other
£1,325.00 (exc vat)
The SE-900 Chromakey Board adds Chromakey (from any input) to your SE-900/MS-900.
£1,325.00 (exc vat)
TV One 1T MX6344 HDMI Matrix Routing Switcher
TV One 1T-MX6344 (1TMX6344) HDMI Matrix Routing Switcher FEATURES 4x4 Matrix HDMI Matrix Routing Switcher HDMI v1.3 Compliant DVI Compatible (with DVI to HDMI Adapters) Full Embedded Digital Audi
£870.00 (inc vat)
TV One S2 108HD HD SDI Input Expansion Switcher And Routing Switcher
TV One S2-108HD (S2108HD) HD-SDI Input Expansion Switcher and Routing Switcher Optional Extras: TV One P2-105 - TV1-P2-105 Power Supply for S2 & C2 Products Suggested Price: £95.00+VAT FEATURES
£813.60 (inc vat)
Beachtek DXA-ALEXA Preamplifier
Beachtek DXA-ALEXA (DXAALEXA) Preamplifier Compatible with ARRI Alexa Mini cameras Transform your ALEXA Mini to a fully featured mini doc camera with on-board audio capabilities with the DXA-ALEXA. Th
Aja Corvid 3G - 4-Lane Pcie Card, 3G / HD / SD SDI I/O, Genlock/LTC, 16-Ch Embedded Audio, RS-422
PCIe 4x Card for 8/10-bit Uncompressed Digital 3G, HD, and SD I/O Corvid 3G expands on the capabilities of the original Corvid with support for 3G signals, opening up the possibility for handling hig
Aja Corvid 3G LP - “Low-Profile” Version Of Corvid 3G, No RS-422
Corvid 3G LP - Low-Profile version of Corvid 3G, no RS-422
The Datavideo SE-500 is a compact and light weight, four channel analogue input, digital processing video switcher with both S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video inputs. In addition to S-Video and Compo
£665.00 (exc vat)
MTF MTCONEF2 NEW Effect Control Unit 2 For EF Control Adaptors
EF Full Exposure Control Terminal One box, with a choice of 3 mounts: Sony FZ (such as the Sony F3/F5/F55), Sony E (such as the FS100/FS700) Micro Four Thirds (such as the Panasonic AG-AF101 and t
Aja Corvid 4-Lane Pcie Card With HD/SD SDI I/O & Genlock/LTC & 16-Ch Embedded Audio & RS-422
AJA CORVID PCIe 4x Card for 8/10-bit Uncompressed Digital SD & HD I/O The Corvid is AJAs proven platform for digital uncompressed audio and video I/O. Corvid is compatible with Windows Vista and XP &
TV One S2-105DVIA Input Expansion Switchers For C2 Series
TV One S2-105DVIA Input Expansion Switchers for C2 Series The S2-105DVIA Switcher may be connected to any of the C2-2000 series Switcher/Down Converters to provide 5 additional DVI-D Video inputs plu
£480.00 (inc vat)
£400.00 (exc vat)
Panasonic Lumix GH5 XLR Microphone Adapter (PAN-DMWXLR1E)
Panasonic Lumix GH5 XLR Microphone Adapter (PAN-DMWXLR1E) Please Note: Adapter only You can expand the audio capabilities of your GH5 camera with this XLR Microphone adapter. It directly connects to t
Beacktek DXA-SLR XLR Adapter
Beacktek DXA-SLR ULTRA (DXAULTRA) Audio Adapter for DSLR cameras and Blackmagic Cinema Camera (replaces DXA-SLR PRO) The BeachTek DXA-SLR ULTRA is our newest and best adapter ever. Superb operation an
The SE-900 SDI Input Board adds SDI input to your SE-900/MS-900.
£315.00 (exc vat)
TV One 1T-CT-654A HDMI Over Cat.5E/Cat.6 Wlan/RS232 - Receiver
TV One 1T-CT-654A HDMI over Cat.5e/Cat.6 wLAN/RS232 - Receiver 1T-CT-653/1T-CT-654A HDMI over Single Cat.5e/Cat.6 system consists of a 1T-CT-653 Transmitter coupled with a 1T-CT-654A Receiver (each p
£282.00 (inc vat)
TV One TV1-DVIRS232ELRPOLS - DVI & RS-232 Transmitter Over Fiber For Modular Matrix
TV1-DVIRS232ELRPOLS - DVI & RS-232 Transmitter over Fiber for Modular Matrix
The SE-900 DVI Input Board adds DVI and VGA input to your SE-900/MS-900.
£270.00 (exc vat)
Wooden Camera A-Box For ARRI Alexa Mini (P/N 207700)
Wooden Camera A-Box for ARRI Alexa Mini (p/n 207700) A-Box (Alexa Mini) adapts one 5 pin LEMO connector to two balanced 3 pin XLRs (female) with the highest quality professional grade connectors. Note
Hi Tech Systems HT110 RS422 To GPI Converter
RS422 to GPI converter. Single port RS422 VTR protocol to GPI contact closure converter PSU not included The HT110 GPI (parallel) to RS422 converter module allows the standard transport functions of