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Equipment news
Bluebell Opticom Launches BCX-760 Series
Bluebell Opticom has revealed its BCX-760 Series 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) point-to-point fibre link. This camera-back interface enables connection and signal transport between a camera and an OB truck or base station. The BCX-760 interface maps all signals presented at the back of any broadca ...
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Sony HKSR 5803HQ Advanced HQ Processor Board
Sony HKSR-5803HQ, Advanced HQ Processor Board, Provides the SRW-5800 with the capability to record and playback RGB (4:4:4) HQ signals
£13,800.00 (inc vat)
AU-VREC1G Recording Module
Panasonic AU-VREC1G (AUVREC1G) Varicam Recording Module with Removable Control Panel for the AU-V35C1G and AU-V23HS1G Varicam Video Cameras Panasonic Varicam recording module with a removable control
Sony HKSR 103 RGB 60P Processor Board
Sony HKSR-103 RGB 60P Processor board for the SRW-1 The HKSR-103 board is a powerful option for the SRW-1, and adds RGB 4:4:4, 1 to 60 frames per second (fps) recording to the Select FPS function. W
£11,880.00 (inc vat)
Sony HKSR 5001 20 Format Conversion Board For SRW 5000 Series
Sony HKSR-5001/20 (HKSR500120) Format Conversion Board for SRW-5000 series HDCAM-SR studio recorders * Provides a wide variety of format conversions such as upconversion and downconversion, from HD-S
£9,840.00 (inc vat)
Sony HKSR 5003 RGB Processor Boards
Sony HKSR-5003 RGB Processor Boards for use with the Sony SRW-5000/1 and SRW-5500/1 HDCAM-SR VTR
£9,840.00 (inc vat)
Sony HKSR 5804 File Transfer Processor Board
Sony HKSR-5804 (HKSR5804) File Transfer Processor Board provides the SRW-5800 with the capabilities to import/export DPX files The HKSR-5804 provides the SRW-5800 with the capabilities to import/expo
£9,540.00 (inc vat)
Datavideo MS-900 is a fully integrated mobile video studio designed around the Datavideo SE-900 modular 8-channel SD switcher. The MS-900 feature set can be expanded with additional input cards and ac
£8,395.00 (exc vat)
The HS-2000L is a five channel 10-bit 1920 x 1080i or 1280 x 720p HD-SDI full AV switcher. Its DVI-D connection makes it ideal for use with presentation software while the integrated audio mixer with
£5,295.00 (exc vat)
The Datavideo HS-2000 is a compact, broadcast quality HD-SDI mobile video studio ideal as a fly away kit. The HS-2000 is a five channel 10-bit 1920x1080i or 1280x720p HD-SDI and DVI-D video & audio s
£5,235.00 (exc vat)
TV One MX 8488 HDMI HD Baset Matrix Routing Switcher
TV One MX-8488 (MX8488) HDMI/HD-BaseT Matrix Routing Switcher FEATURES 8x HDMI inputs 8x HDBaseT outputs HDMI v1.3, HDCP v1.1 & DVI v1.0 compliant Deep Color & 3D support 7.1 LPCM, Dolby TrueHD
£4,191.60 (inc vat)
Datavideo HS-600 is a lightweight Standard Definition studio in a box. The HS-600 is in many respects an affordable, standard definition version of a full broadcast model. It will work time and again
£3,650.00 (exc vat)
Datavideo SE-900 is a modular 8-channel SD switcher with a feature set that may be expanded with additional input cards and accessories. The two piece unit consists of a 19-inch rack mountable main fr
£3,095.00 (exc vat)
Panasonic AG-CA300G (AGCA300G) Camera Studio System - Camera Adaptor
Panasonic AG-CA300G (AGCA300G) Camera Studio System - Camera Adaptor The AG-CA300G is part of a Camera Studio System. The AG-CA300G camera adapter is lightweight mounting directly on the back of the c
The Datavideo SE-2000R is a rackmounted version of the SE-2000 five channel HD video & audio switcher. The unit can be controlled either from a PC or via the front panel. The SE-2000R switcher not o
£2,350.00 (exc vat)
Sony HXR-IFR5 (HXRIFR5) Interface Unit For NEX-FS700E NEX Camcorder
Sony HXR-IFR5 (HXRIFR5) Interface Unit for NEX-FS700E NEX Camcorder Expand 4K/2K RAW recording capability on NEX-FS700R/RH and AXS-R5The HXR-IFR5 interface unit allows the Full-HD Super Slow Motion NE
TV One MX 5288 8 X 8 DVI D Matrix Routing Switcher
TV One MX-5288 8 x 8 DVI-D Matrix Routing Switcher MX-5288 8x8 DVI Matrix Switcher is designed to allow distribution of eight DVI-D (w/o HDCP) sources to eight devices independently or all at the sam
£1,590.00 (inc vat)
The Datavideo HS-500 is a compact, portable one box solution, built around the SE-500. Designed with no compromise in performance for users where weight matters. Perfect for applications within educat
£1,475.00 (exc vat)
JVC KA-M790G Multicore Adaptor
JVC KA-M790G (KAM790G) Mobile Multicore Studio Adaptor for the GY-HM790 Camcorder JVCs new multicore studio interface unit the KA-M790G works perfectly with the GY-HM790 camera. The GY-HM790 is a powe
Sony HVBK-1505 Input Board
Sony HVBK-1505 (HVBK1505) Analogue Input Board for HVR-1500 Digital HD Video Tape Recorder Analog Input Board for HVR-1500 enables analog SD component composite or S-video as well as balanced audio vi
Datavideo SE-600 is an eight input Standard Definition video switcher, with built in dual channel audio mixer. Multi-View output display each input, as well as Program & Preview on one monitor. Other
£1,325.00 (exc vat)
The SE-900 Chromakey Board adds Chromakey (from any input) to your SE-900/MS-900.
£1,325.00 (exc vat)
JVC KA-790G Studio Adaptor
JVC KA790G (KA790G) Studio Adaptor Rig for the GY-HM790 ProHD camcorder Studio sled support to accommodate studio viewfinder teleprompter and pedestal.
Sony CBK-CE01 Camera Interface
Sony CBK-CE01 (CBKCE01) 50pin Camera Interface and Digital Extender for PMW-400 PMW350 & PMW320 Series The CBK-CE01 is required to interface the XDCA-55 Camera Adapter to the PMW-350 and PMW-320 XDCAM
TV One 1T MX6344 HDMI Matrix Routing Switcher
TV One 1T-MX6344 (1TMX6344) HDMI Matrix Routing Switcher FEATURES 4x4 Matrix HDMI Matrix Routing Switcher HDMI v1.3 Compliant DVI Compatible (with DVI to HDMI Adapters) Full Embedded Digital Audi
£870.00 (inc vat)
Beachtek DXA-ALEXA Preamplifier
Beachtek DXA-ALEXA (DXAALEXA) Preamplifier Compatible with ARRI Alexa Mini cameras Transform your ALEXA Mini to a fully featured mini doc camera with on-board audio capabilities with the DXA-ALEXA. Th
TV One S2 108HD HD SDI Input Expansion Switcher And Routing Switcher
TV One S2-108HD (S2108HD) HD-SDI Input Expansion Switcher and Routing Switcher Optional Extras: TV One P2-105 - TV1-P2-105 Power Supply for S2 & C2 Products Suggested Price: £95.00+VAT FEATURES
£813.60 (inc vat)
The Datavideo SE-500 is a compact and light weight, four channel analogue input, digital processing video switcher with both S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video inputs. In addition to S-Video and Compo
£665.00 (exc vat)
TV One S2-105DVIA Input Expansion Switchers For C2 Series
TV One S2-105DVIA Input Expansion Switchers for C2 Series The S2-105DVIA Switcher may be connected to any of the C2-2000 series Switcher/Down Converters to provide 5 additional DVI-D Video inputs plu
£480.00 (inc vat)
£400.00 (exc vat)
Panasonic Lumix GH5 XLR Microphone Adapter (PAN-DMWXLR1E)
Panasonic Lumix GH5 XLR Microphone Adapter (PAN-DMWXLR1E) Please Note: Adapter only You can expand the audio capabilities of your GH5 camera with this XLR Microphone adapter. It directly connects to t
Beacktek DXA-SLR XLR Adapter
Beacktek DXA-SLR ULTRA (DXAULTRA) Audio Adapter for DSLR cameras and Blackmagic Cinema Camera (replaces DXA-SLR PRO) The BeachTek DXA-SLR ULTRA is our newest and best adapter ever. Superb operation an
The SE-900 SDI Input Board adds SDI input to your SE-900/MS-900.
£315.00 (exc vat)
TV One 1T-CT-654A HDMI Over Cat.5E/Cat.6 Wlan/RS232 - Receiver
TV One 1T-CT-654A HDMI over Cat.5e/Cat.6 wLAN/RS232 - Receiver 1T-CT-653/1T-CT-654A HDMI over Single Cat.5e/Cat.6 system consists of a 1T-CT-653 Transmitter coupled with a 1T-CT-654A Receiver (each p
£282.00 (inc vat)
The SE-900 DVI Input Board adds DVI and VGA input to your SE-900/MS-900.
£270.00 (exc vat)