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Ki Pro With Free Ipod Touch
The AJA Ki Pro is a tapeless video recording device that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto computer-friendly media. Because it features SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and analog inputs, you
Tascam 8 Track Portable Audio Field Recorder
The DR-680 is a versatile 8 track portable field recorder that packs four xlr / combi inputs, two inputs and a stereo S/PDIF digital input. It is able to record on all 8 tracks simultaneously ont
£699.00 ex tax:
Digitech Istomp Stompbox Pedal
The Digitech iStomp is the next generation in stompboxes for guitars. It is essentially the Stompbox you can change with your phone. The iStomp works just like every other stompbox. Step on the footsw
Numark CDN22
Numark Dual CD Player
£15 /Day
Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3
Professional DJ CD Turntable
£40 /Day
Technics 1210
£30 /Day
Portable Audio Field Recorder.
The 744T is a 4-track digital audio recorder. Analogue connectivity offers two inputs with high quality mic preamps, and two at line level. AES and SPDIF digital connectivity is also fitted as standar
£3800.00 ex vat
Vitec FS-T-2001
Special price - Only as long as supply lasts! Features The Focus FS-T2001 is the next generation media recorder from VITEC. Designed from direct input of the broadcast/production community, Focus FS-
2136.05 €
Numark ICDX CD/DVD/MP3/Ipod Player
Numark iCDX With its extensive USB mass storage connectivity, the iCDX can be used as a vehicle to manipulate and store MP3 fi les-facilitating rapid access to a massive music library. To further its
£530.40 (inc vat)
SAMSUNG DA-E750 Wireless Audio Dock With Valve Amplifier (Ipod And Galaxy)
Elevate your music with extraordinary sound: Utilising the built-in Vacuum Tube Amp, Samsung's Wireless Audio Dock is ready to change the way you listen to music. By recreating the harmonic sound
Sounddock 10 Digital Music System For Iphone/Ipod - Silver
The only music system you may ever need Brace yourself for our best-performing system for your digital music. The SoundDock 10 Bluetooth digital music system is ideal for parties, gatherings and yo
JVC RVNB90B Boomblaster For Ipod With Microphone, Guitar Inputs, Bluetooth And Usb Host With Recordi
Incredible bass sound with twin super woofers: No other boombox comes close to the overpowering, dynamic bass of the JVC BoomBlaster. The twin 13cm active super woofers on either end of the unit are
SONY RDPXA900IP Wireless Speaker Dock With Airplay And Bluetooth,Ipod / Iphone / Ipad
SONY RDPXA900IP Wireless speaker dock with AirPlay and Bluetooth iPod / iPhone / iPad: Experience rich and powerful sound from the RDP-XA900iP speaker dock. The docking mechanism also allows you to c
Canton Chrono 505.2 Center Hifi Speakers, Price Per Speaker
Assertive exterior, powerful technology, direct sound quality. These speakers are angular, provocative and instantly recognisable. Their unique charm goes hand in hand with their powerful performance
JVC RVNB85B Twin Super Woofer For Powerful Bass Sound And Lightning Dock For Ipod /Iphone, Bluetooth
JVC RVNB85B Twin Super Woofer for powerful bass sound and lightning dock for iPod /iPhone, Bluetooth, FM tuner, Powered Woofer CD System: Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology and original application** f
CD Player With Ipod/Phone Dock.
The CD-200i is a rack-mount CD player with a built-in dock for Apples iPod players. The CD player is a 2U rack-mountable design with a sliding drawer revealing a connector dock for the iPod. iPods can
£320.83 ex vat
Onkyo CS-245BT Mini Hifi
CD Hi-Fi Mini System with Bluetooth Stylish Hi-Fi System Lets You Play It Your Way For a stylish and modern personal audio solution, take a closer look at our CS-245BT Colibrino. This mini system lo
Onkyo CS-255DAB Mini Hifi
CD Hi-Fi Mini System Stylish Mini Hi-Fi with DAB+ Adds to the Joy of Listening You'll never be short of something to listen to with this sleek mini-system from Onkyo. For starters, the top-loadi
LG CM3430BDAB 2.1 Micro System, DAB, Bluetooth, Ipod/Ipad/Iphone
BUILT-IN SUBWOOFER Enjoy refined and balanced bass sound with built-in downfiring subwoofers. BLUETOOTH Bluetooth built-in for convenient audio streaming. AIRPLAY Wirelessly stream audio from
Onkyo CS-255 Mini Hifi
CD Hi-Fi Mini System Add a Splash of Color to Your Lifestyle While there is always a place for all-in-one docking systems, you can't beat a punchy amp and separate speakers for an authentic ster
ROBERTS Sound 100 CD/DAB/FM Sound System With Dock For Ipod/Iphone
ROBERTS Sound 100 CD/DAB/FM Sound System with Dock for iPod/iPhone: The SOUND 100 is a fantastic table top multifunctional sound system with dock for the iPod. It is perfect for any room in the house
Yamaha CDS300 High Sound Quality CD Player With Ipod And USB Compatibility And MP3/WMA Compatibility
Designed to Deliver Enjoyable Sound Quality Inheriting many of the sound quality features of the S2000/S1000 Series components, the CD-S300 CD player delivers sound that will satisfy devoted music fa
Pure Contour 200I Air Music Streaming System With Airplay And Dock For Ipod/Iphone/Ipad
Pure Contour 200i Air Music Streaming System with AirPlay and Dock for iPod/iPhone/iPad: Contour 200i Air is a compact but powerful digital music system featuring Apples wireless streaming technology
Features JVC launch the memory card recorder KA-MR100G as the company s first product featuring native XDCAM EX file recording and an SxS memory card slot. This device will record and playback XDCAM
232.05 €
TEAC CRH238I AM/FM Receiver USB Ipod Interface
TEAC CRH238I AM/FM Receiver USB iPod Interface: This micro CD Receiver addition to the TEAC line-up will play back just about everything to be found in private digital music archives. Whether CD, CD-
SONY RDHGTK17IP Ipod/Iphone Dock Hi-Fi System
Mini Hi-Fi System - RDHGTK17IP Perfect for parties Powering the music is two 16 cm subwoofers, punching out 230 W of power, meaning you get top quality sound delivered every time you hook up to the
LG CM3330WDAB 2.1 Micro System, DAB, Bluetooth, Ipod/Ipad/Iphone
BUILT-IN SUBWOOFER: Enjoy refined and balanced bass sound with built-in downfiring subwoofers. BLUETOOTH: Bluetooth built-in for convenient audio streaming. MADE FOR IPOD, IPHONE AND IPAD: E
SONY Mhcec919ip Dock For MP3, Ipod / Iphone Music System
All-in-one stereo system: Includes a Class D amplifier, a CD player, an AM/FM tuner and an alarm clock for flexible functionality. Plays back CD, 8cm Disc (CD) and CD-R/RW discs: As well as MP3 fil
SONY RDPX200IPN Wireless Speaker Dock With Bluetooth®. Made For Ipod / Iphone / Ipad
Features: Compatible with New Lightning Connector Elegant design features premium materials and minimalist finish Crystal clear sound quality with tweeters Stream your content wirelessly via Bl