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HD 212Pro

TitleHD 212Pro
Sale / HireFor Sale
Price£54.00ex. vat
InformationThe HD 212Pro closed dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones have a balanced sound image with a slight emphasis on the bass response. DJs will like their excellent attenuation of ambient noise and the soft, comfortable ear pads.
aural, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones
thin diaphragm for precise trebles
band and spatial sound reproduction due to foam damping element
driven music
lightweight design, even for extended listening
year guarantee
1 HD 212Pro
1 adaptor 3.5/6.3mm ( ) stereo jack plug

CompanyTNP Broadcast Sales LTD
AddressPO Box 2035
WD18 9WZ
Telephone019 2371 2712

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£7.00 each
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