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C422 - Stereo Microphone

TitleC422 - Stereo Microphone
Sale / HireFor Hire
Price£60 per day before customer discount
InformationWhether it’s instruments or drums, pro audio or post production, digital or vintage, DJ or PA equipment, FX Rentals has the largest selection of equipment available for hire - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it all comes with full technical support and the option for installation or dry hire.

Our Instrument stock includes drums by DW, Gretsch, Ludwig, Pearl, Simmons, Slingerland and Yamaha – Guitars by Dobro, Fender, Gibson, Jerry Jones, Martin, Musicman, Rickenbacker, Taylor and Warwick – Synthesisers by Access, Alesis, ARP, Clavia, EMU, Ensoniq, Korg, Kurzweil, Midiman, Oberheim and Roland – Amplification by Ampeg, Ashdown, David Eden, Dickinson, Fender, Gllien Kruger, Hartke, Line 6, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Roland, SWR, Trace Elliot and Vox.

Our Live stock includes DJ equipment by Allen & Heath, Pioneer, Rane, Technics and Vestax – PA by Mackie, HZ, LD Systems and Noise Control – Microphones by AKG, Amcron, Audio Technica, B&K, Beyer, Brauner, C-Tape, Coles, DPA, Earthworks, Electro Voice, Groove Tube, HHB, Neumann, RCA, Rode, Royer, Sanken, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, STC and Tube Tech – Large Format mixers by Allen & Heath, Mackie, Midas and Neve.

Our Pro Audio stock includes digital recorders, editors and convertors by Akai, Alesis, Amek, Apogee, Audio & Design, Cranesong, Digidesign, Denon, Edirol, Euphonix, Fostex, HHB, Ibox, iZ, M Audio, Mackie, Merging Technologies, Mitsubishi, MOTU, Prism, RME, Rosendahl, Sony, Steinberg and Tascam – Analogue Recorders by Ampex, Fostex, Otari, Revox, Studer and Tascam – Solid State and Vintage Processors by ADL, Alesis, AMS, Antares, Aphex, API, APSI, Audio & Design, Avalon, Barcus Berry, Behringer, Bel, Bricasti, BSS, Chandler, Chiswick Reach, Cranesong, DACS, DBX, Digitech, Dolby, Drawmer, Dynacord, EAR, Electrospace, Empirical Labs, Ensoniq, Eventide, Fairchild, Focusrite, Helios, Klark Teknik, Lexicon, Little Labs, Manley, Marshall, Massenburg, MXR, Neve, Orban, Prism, Publison, Pultec, Purple Audio, Quantec, Roland, Rupert Neve, Sintifex, Smart Research, Sony, SPL, SSL, Studio Tech, Summit, Tascam, TC Electronics, Teletronix, Thermionic Culture, TL Audio, Trident, Tube Tech, Universal Audio, Urei, Ursa Major, Valley People and Yamaha.

Our Post Production stock includes Avid, Dolby, Digidesign, InFocus, Merging Technologies, Sharp and Sony.

We operate throughout the UK and Europe with delivery either by our own transport fleet or by courier. Full details of our equipment and services can be found at

Hire rates shown as exclude customer discounts. Please call us if you are unsure of discount. A week is charged as 4 days. A month (28 days) is charged as 12 days. Longer hire periods attract special discounts - call for details.

CompanyFX Rentals Ltd
Address38-40 Telford Way
pro-audio rentals UK
W3 7XS
Telephone020 8746 2121

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Convergent Design NANOFLASH 3DSale
5500.00 €
Sennheiser Kit SKF (Sennheiser)Sale
1800.00 €
Sennheiser Kit SKM (Sennheiser)Sale
1800.00 €
Sony CCU-D50P (Sony)Sale
1500.00 €
Tektronix SPG-422 (Tektronix)Sale
1200.00 €
Sony RMB150 (Sony)Sale
1200.00 €
3D Projector Titan 1000 LumenHire
£1400.00 + VAT per day + delivery
Leitch DPS 575 (Leitch)Sale
900.00 €
Package Of Drake And Clearcom ItemsSale
Allen & Heath ICE-16 Multitrack Recorder And Audio Interface UnitSale
Sony DXF-51 (Sony)Sale
500.00 €
Libec T102B (Libec)Sale
£580.00ex. vat
Sony DSR-50P DVCAM Recorder VTRSale
£500 Ex. Vat
Microphone Sennheiser ME 66Hire
£420 new or 6/day
Rode NTG3 Gun mic (NTG3 NTG-3)Hire
£400 exc VAT or hire from £10/ day £40/week
Rode NTG3 Gun mic (NTG3 NTG-3)Hire
£400 exc VAT
Sony DXF-801CE (Sony)Sale
300.00 €
Sony CCU-700AP (Sony)Sale
300.00 €
Audio Networks Music Catagloue Volume 9-13 CD Pack With 1101-1180 CD (Approx 180 Cds)Sale
AV-HS410 Vision Mixer Panasonic AV-HS410 Eight HD-SD InputHire
£350.00 +vat
Sony CCU-M7P (Sony)Sale
250.00 €
Sony RM-M7F (Sony)Sale
250.00 €
Sony RM-M7G (Sony)Sale
250.00 €
Crystal Vision Indigo-1 Frame With 4X SDI Frame Syncs And 2X SDI Monitoring DasSale
Datavideo RF1025FP (DataVideo)Sale
£290.00ex. vat
Canon GP-E2 GPS UnitSale
2RU 48Port Foundray Fastiron GS-648P Network Router With Fibre Optic Options Also. (10/100/1000 SuppSale
Sony DXF-40CE (Sony)Sale
200.00 €
PAG 9955 (PAG)Sale
£240.00ex. vat
Mobile 64" SmartboardHire
£225.00 per day
Portabrace CBA XF305 Body Armor For Canon XF300 Series CamerasSale
£210.00 (inc vat)
60" HD Plasma TV MonitorHire
Sonifex DHY-03T Twin Automatic Digital TBUHire
From £190/week
Sony RCP-3720 (Sony)Sale
150.00 €
Adrienne Electronics - AEC BOX30Sale
£150 Ex. Vat
55' Samsung LED (55"LED Data Video Display)Hire
£150.00 per day +Delivery
IPK 1RU 2X Input Powercon MDU With 20Amp 12 Output Iec Rating. Fused Outputs, 2X Powercon Inputs (1XSale
Datavideo RP14 (DataVideo)Sale
£110.00ex. vat
BAL DDP-100Sale
£105.00ex. vat
Eyeheight Legaliser HD/SDHire
£100.00 +vat
Cedar DNS 8 Live (Cedar DNS 8 Live)Hire
From £100/day
Datavision LEDWLRC (Datavision)Sale
£95.00ex. vat
Compsite Card For Sony Bvm20inch MonitorSale
£69.00ex. vat
30X Neutrik Audio XLR Connectors (15X Male, 15X Female) Nc*Fx, Nc*Mx,Sale
Grass Valley Sync-Pulse-GeneratorSale
£59.00ex. vat
Courtyard CY620D Sheriff SDI LegaliserHire
£55.00 +vat
Ianiro 183 (Ianiro)Sale
£55.00ex. vat
01 Standards Converter Blackmagic Teranex 2DHire
£50.00 +vat
2X Taylor Multistandard Analog To Digi Converter And Vestigial Sideband ModulatorSale
Datavideo RP11 (DataVideo)Sale
£45.00ex. vat
Saras SAA002 antenna combiner distributionHire
£40/day £160/wk
Microphone Soundfield ST250Hire
From £40/day
TNP 4Pin-Pwr-Cbl (TNP)Sale
£38.00ex. vat
Ianiro 803 (Ianiro)Sale
£36.00ex. vat
HD Link Pro Blackmagic SD & HD To HDMI - DVIHire
£35.00 +vat
Multibridge Pro BlackmagicHire
£35.00 +vat
Sennheiser SK250 (Sennheiser SK250)Hire
£35/day £140/wk
Leitch GPI-164P Remote General Purpose Interface -Hire
£ 35
TNP Foot-Pedal-14 (TNP)Sale
£34.00ex. vat
Ianiro 118CE (Ianiro)Sale
£34.00ex. vat
6X 24V Dc 120Mm FansSale
Datavideo RP12 (DataVideo)Sale
£30.00ex. vat
TNP Tel-Dist (TNP)Sale
£30.00ex. vat
Audio Developments AD146 mixerHire
From £30/day
Leitch GPI-32P Remote General Purpose Interface - 1RUHire
£ 25
In-Ear Monitor (EW 300 IEM)Hire
£25 per day - £75 per week + VAT
Ambient ACD301 Clapper BoardHire
25/day 100/Wk
Cooper CS104 Mixer (CS104)Hire
SQN 4.2 Mixer (SQN 4)Hire
NEW Powersource Vtd12sc24 24V To 12V DC Converter (12V 9A OutputSale
Staging - Smoke Machine Max Volume ProHire
£20.00 +vat
HDMI To SDI Converter BlackmagicHire
£20.00 +vat
Sennheiser EW312 G3 GB UHFHire
£20 per day - £60 per week + VAT
Sennheiser IEM 300 G3Hire
Staging - Smoke Machine Med VolumeHire
£15.00 +vat
Staging - Snow MachineHire
£15.00 +vat
Microphone Sennheiser MKH 416 PHire
From 15/day
Microphone Sennheiser MKH50Hire
From 15/day
C-Audio RA 2001 (RA 2001)Hire
£13.00 per day - £40 per week + VAT
Sennheiser ASA 1 GB (ASA 1 GB)Hire
£12 per day - £36 per week + VAT
Sennheiser SK50 Radio Mic HireHire
From £12.50/day
Sennheiser EK3041/3241 Radio microphone hireHire
From £12.50/day
Sennheiser SK3063 Radio Microphone hireHire
From £12.50/day
Sennheiser SKM 5000 Wireless micHire
From £12.50
Sennheiser SKM 3072 Wireless Microphone hireHire
From £12.50/day
Staging - LecternHire
£10.00 +vat
Staging - Mirror Ball Professional Silver 50Cm LightweightHire
£10.00 +vat
HDMI X 1 Input To HDMI X 4 OutputsHire
£10.00 +vat
Polyboard Black And White 4 X 4 2Inch (8 X 4 Also Avaliable £15.00 Per Day)Hire
£10.00 +vat
B & K Sound Level MeterHire
Neutrik Digilyzer DL1 AnalyserHire
Microphone DPA 4088 (DPA 4088)Hire
From 10/day
Antenna Booster AB3 GBHire
£9 per day - £9 per week + VAT
£7.00 +vat
Lightweight Lighting & General Purpose StandHire
£5.00 +vat
Murraypro Audio BufferHire
Alice Matchrack Stereo Balanced/Unbalanced ConverterHire
Audio Developments AD066/12 M-S ProcessorHire
Audio Developments AD066/6 Pro Domestic Interface UnitHire
Microphone DPA 4061 (DPA 4061)Hire
From 5/day
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