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Microboards QDL-1000 CD/DVD Duplicator

TitleMicroboards QDL-1000 CD/DVD Duplicator
Sale / HireFor Sale
InformationMicroboards QDL-1000 CD/DVD Duplicator Microboards' QDL-1000 is the most space-efficient automated CD/DVD duplicator on the market, measuring just 9 high and 16 wide.
The QDL-1000 Quic Disc Loader is the easiest way to automatically duplicate up to 25 discs at a time. The reliable, robotic arm picks up discs from the lower tray, lifts them to the recording drive, and deposits finished CDs and DVDs in the output tray, ready for use.

CompanyProactive UK Ltd
Address1 Eastman Way
Hemel Hempstead
Telephone+44 (0) 1442 253313
Fax+44 (0) 1442 260913

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£20.00 +vat
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£20.00 (
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£19.80 (inc vat)
Sony PHDVM-63DM HDV (Sony)Sale
£15.00 (
£10.00 each
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