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Sony HVR-1500A

TitleSony HVR-1500A
Sale / HireFor Sale
Price£6705.00ex. vat
InformationThe HVR-1500A is an HDV source feeder/ recorder*1 positioned at the top of Sonys HDV Series.
Inheriting the design concept of the market-acclaimed DSR-1500AP, the HVR-1500A offers the same convenient features that professional users demand, such as quick mechanical response, multi-format DV playback and a rich set of professional video/audio interfaces ranging from analogue to digital SDI and AES/EBU.
The HVR-1500A also offers HD-SDI input/output and RS-422A control capabilities, bridging HDV source footage and assets with high-end HD formats and HD editing equipment. In addition, with the optional HVBK-1520 board installed, the HVR-1500A has a range of conversion capabilities that allow DV recordings to be up-converted to 1080i or 720P signals, and 1080i HDV recordings to be cross-converted to 720P signals. This allows operators to integrate DV and HDV source footage and assets into the same HD editing system, giving them the flexibility to choose between either a 1080i or a 720P system.
The HVR-1500A can also be used as a standard definition DVCAM recorder, in which case the same editing features as the DSR-1500AP are offered.
The HVR-1500A is certainly the HDV recorder of choice for environments where robustness and functionality are prime concerns.
*1 In HDV mode, editing capabilities are not available.

CompanyTNP Broadcast Sales LTD
AddressPO Box 2035
WD18 9WZ
Telephone019 2371 2712

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