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Sony 2/3" (B4) to JVC 1/2" adaptor

TitleSony 2/3" (B4) to JVC 1/2" adaptor
Sale / HireFor Sale
ManufacturerMTF Services Ltd
InformationNew for 2010
Back by popular demand
A world first, this was designed many years ago for older JVC 1/2" cameras and is still useful today.
This adaptor allows the use of B4 lenses on JVC 1/2" cameras such as the GY-DV500, GY-DV5100 and KYF560 series.
(Please note. Using this adaptor will introduce a magnification factor of 1.375X)

CompanyMTF Services Ltd
AddressUnit 3
52 Palmerston Road
N22 8RF

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