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Panasonic HVS 300

TitlePanasonic HVS 300
Sale / HireFor Sale
Price3500.00 €
InformationPanasonic HVS-300HS is a multiformat SD/HD switcher with built-in multiviewer. Includes 4 SD/HD-SDI inputs. 4 or 8 additional SDI inputs optional

CompanyVideo Brokers S.A.R.L
Rue du General Aunis
Telephone00 33 609841386

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Snell KAHUNA - 2.5 M/E SD/HD Kahuna CF SystemSale
For.A HVS-4000HSA 3M/E 32Sale
£54170.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-4000HSA 3M/E 24Sale
£51670.00ex. vat
Grass Valley KAYAK HD-200CSale
42000.00 €
For.A HVS-4000HSA 2M/E 24 NEWOUSale
£35840.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-4000HSA 2M/E 24Sale
£35840.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-4000HSA 2M/E 16Sale
£35000.00ex. vat
Newtek Tricaster 8000 24 Channel Multi Standard Switcher Including Control SurfaceSale
£34,194.00 (inc vat)
For.A HVS-4000HS 2M/E 24Sale
£33250.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-4000HS 2M/E 16Sale
£32420.00ex. vat
Newtek TC8000MS (Newtek)Sale
£29495.00ex. vat
Newtek Tricaster 8000 24 Channel Multi Standard Switcher Without Control SurfaceSale
£26,790.00 (inc vat)
Data Video MS3000Sale
Datavideo MS 3000 Portable Production Unit Based Around The SE 3000Sale
£25,080.00 (inc vat)
Datavideo MS3000 (DataVideo)Sale
£23995.00ex. vat
Newtek TC855MS (Newtek)Sale
£22295.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-390HS 2M/E TYPE B1Sale
£21430.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-4000HSA (For-A)Sale
£21250.00ex. vat
JVC Professional IF2D3D1Sale
Blackmagic Design Davinci ResolveSale
For.A HVS-390HS 2M/E TYPE A1Sale
£19125.00ex. vat
Newtek TC855MSALA (Newtek)Sale
£18995.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-390HS 2M/E TYPE C1Sale
£18350.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-4000HS (For-A)Sale
£18340.00ex. vat
Data Video OBV-2800Sale
FOR A HVS 390HS HANABI HD SD 1ME To 2ME Video SwitcherSale
£16,680.00 (inc vat)
For.A HVS-390HS 1M/ESale
£15990.00ex. vat
Sony MVS-3000 Compact SD / HD Video SwitcherSale
Roland V-1600HD (Roland)Sale
£14499.00ex. vat
Streamstar WCCSSale
£14395.00ex. vat
Newtek TC455MS (Newtek)Sale
£14295.00ex. vat
Panasonic AV HS450E HD Switcher With 16 HDSI InputsSale
£13,350.00 (inc vat)
Panasonic AW-HS450E Multi-Format Vision Mixer 16-InputSale
Datavideo SE 3000 16 Channel HD SD Vision MixerSale
£12,510.00 (inc vat)
Thomson Grass Valley XTEN DD HDSale
£12,500.00 (ex vat)
Data Video SE-3000-16Sale
For.A HVS-390HS (For-A)Sale
£12340.00ex. vat
Panasonic AJ HPM200E Portable P2 HD Multi Format RecorderSale
£12,000.00 (inc vat)
Streamstar WST ProSale
£11850.00ex. vat
Roland V 1600HD Multi Format Live Video SwitcherSale
£11,758.80 (inc vat)
Newtek TC455MSALA (Newtek)Sale
£11695.00ex. vat
For.A HVS-350HS (For-A)Sale
£11500.00ex. vat
Fora HVS 350HS 1.5ME HANABI Video SwitcherSale
£11,388.00 (inc vat)
Datavideo MS2800B (DataVideo)Sale
£10490.00ex. vat
Roland PR-1000HD (Roland)Sale
£9999.00ex. vat
Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 Broadcast PanelSale
£9,900.00 (inc vat)
For.A MBP-100CK (For-A)Sale
£9810.00ex. vat
Data Video MS-2800ASale
Roland V 800HD Multi-Format Video SwitcherSale
£9,594.00 (inc vat)
Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast PanelSale
Datavideo MS 2800 Mobile HD Video StudioSale
£9,468.00 (inc vat)
Roland V-800HD (Roland)Sale
£9299.00ex. vat
Panasonic AV HS410 8 Channel HD SD Multiformat Vision MixerSale
£9,060.00 (inc vat)
Panasonic AW-HS410 Multi-Format Vision MixerSale
TV Logic LVM-553W-3GSale
Datavideo MS2800A (DataVideo)Sale
£8450.00ex. vat
Panasonicavhs400ae (Panasonic)Sale
£8,340.00 (inc vat)
Roland V-440HD (Roland)Sale
£8199.00ex. vat
Streamstar WSTSale
£7595.00ex. vat
TV Logic LVM-463W-3GSale
For.A HVS-XT110 (For-A)Sale
£6740.00ex. vat
For A HVS XT110 HD SD Portable Video SwitcherSale
£6,660.00 (inc vat)
Soundcraft GB8 48 Channel MixerSale
JVC KM-H3000E (JVC)Sale
£6050.00ex. vat
TV Logic LVM-403W-3GSale
Roland VR-50HD Multi-Format AV MixerSale
For.A HVS-XT100 (For-A)Sale
£5990.00ex. vat
For A HVS XT100 HD SD Portable Video SwitcherSale
£5,940.00 (inc vat)
Roland PR-80 (Roland)Sale
£5695.00ex. vat
Datavideo HS 2800 Portable Integrated HD Production StudioSale
£5,616.00 (inc vat)
Sony DVS-7200A Component Digital Video SwitcherSale
TV Logic LVM-323W-3GSale
Data Video HS-2800Sale
Fora HVS 35OU 1.5ME Control PanelSale
£5,197.20 (inc vat)
Soundcraft GB8 40 Channel MixerSale
Datavideo HS 2000 5 Channel HD SD Mobile Video StudioSale
£5,135.54 (inc vat)
Newtek Tricaster 40 4 Channel HD SD Live Production SwitcherSale
£5,130.00 (inc vat)
Fora HVS 35ROU 1.5ME Rack Size Control PanelSale
£5,040.00 (inc vat)
Panasonic AG HMX100E 7 Channel HD AV Production SwitcherSale
£4,872.00 (inc vat)
Panasonic AW-HMX100E Multi Format AV MixerSale
Datavideo HS2800 (DataVideo)Sale
£4795.00ex. vat
Data Video SE-2800-12Sale
Panasonic AGHMX100E (Panasonic)Sale
£4560.00ex. vat
Allen & Heath GL2800-848 Mixing Console Inc RPS11 Power SupplySale
Datavideo HS 2000L 5 Channel HD Mobile StudioSale
£4,380.00 (inc vat)
Panasonic HVS 300 (Panasonic)Sale
3500.00 €
Data Video HS-2000LSale
Soundcraft GB4-40 Mixing DeskSale
Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4Sale
Panasonic AV HS04M7D 3D SDI Output BoardSale
£4,131.60 (inc vat)
Panasonic AV-HS04M7DSale
Zaxcom DEVA 5.8 Digital RecorderSale
£4000 Ex. Vat
Roland CG-8 (Roland)Sale
£3995.00ex. vat
Sony MCS-8M 2D/3D Compact SD/HD Audio & Video SwitcherSale
Allen & Heath GL2800-840 Mixing Console Inc. Power SupplySale
Roland PR-50 (Roland)Sale
£3895.00ex. vat
Soundcraft GB8 32 Channel MixerSale
AJA Video Systems FS2Sale
Sony DMX P01 Digital 4:2 Location MixerSale
£3,840.00 (inc vat)
Teradek Bolt Pro 734Sale
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