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Price£8 per day - £24 per week + VAT
ManufacturerCanford Audio
ModelTecpro PS711 PSU
InformationCanford Tecpro PS711 3 Circuit Power Supply

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Tecpro BP111 Beltpack Headset Outstation &
Tecpro SMH210 Single muff headset

• Table top
• Continuously rated at maximum power
• DC output fully protected
• No manual resetting after short circuit
• XLR connectors - compatible with standard mic cables
• Up to 3 independent circuits
• Recessed controls – prevents damage if dropped

The PS711 is a power supply which serves as the system master in small, simple systems. Three separate communications circuits are provided. These can be linked by silent acting front panel switches in any combination. Up to 16 headset outstations, or a mix of headset and loudspeaker stations can be operated. The PS711 is rated to support these even in the event that the signal lamps on the system are permanently illuminated. The PS711 is protected against short-circuits, over-temperature and reverse voltages and is designed to survive the rigours of use in temporary installations. The PS711 may be chained into a circuit with any other Tecpro master stations or power supplies to boost the system drive capability using the BA905 boost adaptor.
Technical Specification:
Power requirements: 100–130 or 200–260 V AC (internally selected), 45-65Hz (captive cable).
Output: 24V DC, fully protected. 0.64 A continuous – 16 headset stations total across rings. Maximum any one ring – 16 stations.
Comms line: 200 ohm audio, 5k ohm DC.

Hire rate 1 day = 1/3 weekly rate
Hire rate 2 days = 2/3 weekly rate
Hire rate 3 -7 days = weekly rate
Four weeks hire - less 10%
The Hirer is responsible for the insurance of the goods

CompanyWalker Sound Hire UK
Address8 Somerset Road
Telephone023 92 730259
Fax07836 618438

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