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Flix Facilities
0161 8348808
Lisa Gaut-Conway
Invicta House,
2-4 Atkinson Street,
M3 3HH,

About Flix Facilities

Flix Facilities was established in 1992 in Manchester and last year we celebrated 20 years providing post production expertise across a wide variety of film and television genres. Our team consists of creative and well established editors, sound mixers and CGI people, who are both technically and stylistically versatile, backed up by an extensive and professional support team.

Throughout the first ten years Flix was responsible for post producing several iconic animation series including Bill and Ben, Postman Pat and Rupert Bear. The CGI arm of the business is a 3D/2D animation and CGI effects department. Whether you require a full animation CGI world build, title sequence, special effects or just a good old spinning logo Flix can supply your production with a full graphics solution.

In 2002 the facility was expanded to accommodate an increasing demand for live action and documentary films. The facility has grown to be one of the most successful Post Production houses in the area, with an impressive portfolio which includes series such as Dispatches, Panorama, the BBC’s One Show and many more.

The Audio department is one of our major attributes. Fully equipped with Pro-Tools HD3 systems with integrated ICON mixing console, 5.1 surround sound and booths for voiceovers and Foley. Our dubbing team have over a decade of experience in a wide range of skills and programme genres from Dialogue re-versioning and Animation sound design to Adverts, Documentary, Drama and ADR.

With a reputation for high quality and a passion for programme making, Flix offers its clients a service that is both personal and professional from the initial brief through to the delivery of the final master. The commitment and energy that each and every member of our facility put into the work means that you will not only benefit from the expertise that we can offer but also the dedication shown to your production.

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