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About BBC Motion Gallery

BBC Motion Gallery offers media professionals access to the world's most comprehensive collection of high-quality motion imagery.

There is a wealth of footage to be found covering natural history, sport, news, locations, art, music, celebrities, historic events and more.

Browse our library to find every major news event and personality of the last century, as well as a wealth of unique creative content covering almost every category imaginable from all corners of the world. These are shots that cannot be staged and the collection includes footage that has never been seen and often took years to capture.

BBC Motion Gallery is the exclusive global representative of some of the world's leading broadcasters - CBS News, NHK Japan, ABC Australia, and CCTV China. We have offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, Dubai and Mumbai with a team of expert researchers to help you find exactly what you need. So do call any of our 10 global offices at anytime.

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