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Tern TV (Glasgow)

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Tern TV (Glasgow)
0141 204 1717
4th Floor,
114 Union Street,
G1 3QQ

About Tern TV (Glasgow)

Tern TV is a production company with offices in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Belfast. The company was established in 1988 and produces documentaries, factual programs and specialist programs. Tern TV is a full service production company taking care of not only the creative side but the business end too, they also have their own top end post-production facility. The company has worked on programs for most of the UK's leading broadcasters including the BBC ,Channel 4 and ITV along with several other well know broadcasters.

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Tern TV (Glasgow)
Just tried to watch The small animal Hospital, as I am an animal lover. Total and utter waste of time. 80% of us English speakers find the Glaswegian accent impossible to understand and secondly in last night episode, there was a Spanish Vet also heavily accented. Does no one in your company ever listen to the programme and realise its impossible to understand what is going on. By the way I lived in Glasgow for 5 years my son was born there but I still could not understand a word. Cop in, if you want viewers to continue watching same,
, 29/11/2016
1 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. user reviews.

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