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About Ashtead Technology

Ashtead Technology
As one of the world's largest providers of high technology equipment for rent or purchase, Ashtead Technology provides access to an enormous fleet of the latest camera technologies supported by a team of highly trained engineers to ensure that equipment is delivered tested and ready for action.

As a market leader, Ashtead Technology is able to stock the best cameras from the world's foremost manufacturers including renowned brands such as Olympus and Flir.

Ashtead Technology has supplied high speed cameras, infrared cameras, videoscopes, borescopes and endoscopes for both hire and purchase on an impressive range of projects ranging from popular TV programmes, films, documentaries and even game shows.

High speed cameras are often used to film fast moving events that need to be slowed for the benefit of the viewer. For example, they have been used to film insects on BBC programmes such as Life in the Undergrowth and to film dancers in Sky TV’s Got To Dance.

The i-SPEED 3 is available for hire from Ashtead. It is able to record at up to 150,000 frames per second (up to 1 second/picture in time lapse mode) and 10,000 pictures per second at a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. However, despite the camera’s high specification and lengthy feature list, it is still relatively simple to operate and the unit's rechargeable batteries and Controller Display Unit (CDU) improve portability because they obviate the need for mains power and a computer.

Infrared cameras are often employed to show hot or cold spots on buildings, vehicles, people etc. For example, a FLIR P620 was used in the National Geographic Channel’s documentary series Generals at War to show the extreme temperatures experienced by soldiers during World War II.

Ashtead Technology’s range of FLIR cameras and accessories includes options from entry level cameras to models that are used by building surveyors and to highly sophisticated models such as the P620 which is able to provide high definition thermal images from -40 to +500°C. At just 1.7kg operating for three hours from a rechargeable battery, the P620 is ideal for almost any application.

FLIR P620 Thermal Camera Product Image Capabilities

Olympus i-Speed 3 Hi-Speed Image Capabilities
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