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Tim Ward
Cardiff & London,
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About C405 Tim Ward Lighting Cameraman

If you’re hiring a Cameraperson, you’ll want someone who is experienced, creative, has vision, well versed with the technicalities, whose enthusiasm for the project will rub off on all involved, and of course will capture your story, your event, your message and from that create an involving film or video. That person is Tim Ward, Channel 405 Lighting Cameraman & Editor.

Whether it’s news gathering, real life, documentaries, press conferences to business promos, if it’s worth capturing and recording, it’s worth doing it properly. 

Tim has worked around the world in a variety environments, cultures, weathers, continents, formats and clients from broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, ARD, SKY, RTE & RAI, to multinational corporations, but is always ready for more! Tim can keep a calm head, even in trying circumstances, and very importantly: has a sense of humour!

Tim's skill mix and experience ranges from working with a large camera crew in the Millennium Stadium for a live sports broadcast, a sensitive documentary with raw emotion, to a success story on a remote island for a large multinational corporate film.

A dedicated film maker from shooting, directing, editing to delivering a complete production which can include music, voiceovers and even Presenters. If you want a satellite uplink too, no problem! We can produce a complete film/programme from start to finish.

Here, is the skill, the knowledge and the kit for your production. Tim is fully covered for insurance, PLI, has CRB check and transport. 

Covering the whole UK, EU and the world from bases in London & Cardiff. 

Objective: getting the right shot, at the right time and right on budget! 


Broadcast clients include:
  • BBC
  • ITN 
  • ITV Wales
  • Channel 4
  • Sky News
  • RTE (Ireland)
  • ARD (Germany)
  • TV3 (Denmark)
  • RAI (Italy)
  • LMNO (USA)
  • Flava TV
  • Marbella Productions
  • RTTV (Russia)
  • Real To Reel (Motors TV)
Corporate Clients include:
  • ATV Technologies
  • Asthma UK
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Captaimages
  • Ericsson
  • Harleys
  • Imagination Technologies
  • Keeper Media
  • Piccadilly Media
  • Pixel Foundry
  • PURE
  • Redsnappa
  • SCA Tork
  • Screen169
  • Stratosphere
  • Swan Media
  • Vista Satellite Communications Inc 

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