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Animal Welfare Filming Federation (AWFF)

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Animal Welfare Filming Federation (AWFF)
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About Animal Welfare Filming Federation (AWFF)

Animal Welfare Filming Federation
A major distinguishing feature for every federation member, and one which provides a distinct trading advantage over competitors, is the federation logo. The federation logo is rapidly becoming a hallmark of professionalism which signifies to all bodies that its members maintain a high standard to themselves and to their working animals, thus adding credibility to all your company communications.


The federation unites a professional body of people whose ultimate aim is the welfare of their animal charges, in whatever sphere their involvement within our industry.

Membership is open to all persons or organisations whose business is connected with the use of animals for films and television and the world of Entertainment, or indeed any other category on which your business relies.


The main objective of the federation is to ensure the correct handling of animals on set, thus achieving the shots.

If you require our advice on set to supervise your animal welfare please call us today on +44 (0) 1494 442750 to organise your specific requirement.


We achieve this by:
  1. Ensuring the right animal is used on the shoot.

  2. The conditions on set are right for the animal.

  3. Free advisory service on any aspect of filming with animals.

We ensure that the welfare of the animal is considered at all times. And a qualified vet will always be on location where appropriate and none come with a better understanding of filming requirements than Adrian O’Meara BVSc MRCVS.


Reviews for Animal Welfare Filming Federation (AWFF)

Animal Welfare Filming Federation (AWFF)
It's good to have a service understanding the animals needs and all the members are fully experienced in what they do on set we recommend them to work with on set in the end saves time and money
, 15/01/2013
5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. user reviews.
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