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Ollie Raphael
39-40 West Point,
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About Delicious Digital

Delicious is an independent custom music company.

We could talk endlessly about working with the biggest brands, client care, composers, studios, expertise BUT there's one thing we've learnt having been in this game for many years...
None of this matters if you haven't got the right track.

And that's what we do - we make the right music.

Delicious Creds Reel from Delicious Digital on Vimeo.

Our clients have fun working with us and we have fun working for them in our studios in lovely west London.

We're home to some of the UK's most talented composers and producers and that's why we've scored loads of TV shows, branded the very biggest channels, composed countless soundtracks for adverts & sonic logos for giant brands.

Delicious About Us from Delicious Digital on Vimeo.

Alongside our bespoke music service we have an extensive cross genre catalogue available to clients.

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  • We also have a passion for radio which is why you'll find our name attached to the creation of audio entertainment.

    This year we were nominated for 2 Music & Sound Awards for our BBC Radio 3 Music Nation trailer and a great piece of sound work for Projection Advertising and Peugeot. Last year we won for Commonwealth Games music.

    We love what we do and where we do it.


    Nominated: Best original composition for a trailer /promo
    Nominated: Best sound design for non broadcast viral
    Winner 2012: Best original composition for TV titles & branding

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