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South West Film
01840 770723
Bowfie Baird
Cornwall South West UK,
PL34 0HL,
England UK
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About South West Film

For all filming needs contact South West Film now.

If you are just considering using the South West as a location do feel free to browse through our ever growing location library. If you know what you are looking for but can’t find it, do call. We will be quite happy to scout out that particular location for you straight away.

If you are having any problems with any production, whatever or wherever it is, then call us and we will put one of our fixers on it now - however big or small the problem. Two heads are better than one.

South West Film have worked on over 120 different productions, so producers do contact us for all your facilities from a dining bus to twenty artists trailers. We source everything as locally as possible to save your production as much money as possible.

South west Film supply all manner of vehicles to suit all requirements, see our transport page here>>

All of south west films crew is local saving your production overnight expenses and being local we don't get lost!
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