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Voiceover Soho (Voiceovers/Voice Overs Central London UK)
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Peter Morris
32 Berwick Street,
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About Voiceover Soho (Voiceovers/Voice Overs Central London UK)

Our massively charming, pleasantly friendly and incredibly good-looking team are always ready and willing to help with any audio related affairs, from voice-over to sound design, mixing to music composition. Accommodate yourself in our comfortable control room, relax and enjoy a range of hot beverages (including tea and coffee), dog-eared industry publications and perpetually changing facial hair while we sonically polish and wax your production.

So feel free to get in touch about your unfulfilled needs, wants and desires. We look forward to hearing from you.

 - Peter, Teitur, Jack, Emma, Nadya, John, Andy & Pepper!


Our studio is set up for any audio post production & voice recording. With a 5.1 surround sound system, allowing us to mix for film theatres, DVD/Blu-ray & computer games. Our sound editors, sound designers and composers can help you choose voice artists, create sound effects, or compose and record a bespoke piece of music for you. We think you'll like it!

Producers and directors can listen in or direct sessions from anywhere in the world using ISDN, Source Connect, Skype or Conference Call which allows us to deliver only high quality WAV or AIFF. We then send the audio mix, OMFs or AAFs to your e-mail immediately after the session. Wi-Fi is available during sessions.

Recording & Editing
  • Voiceover recording (up to 3 artists simultaneously)
  • Commercials / TV & Film / Animation dialogue / Video game dialogue
  • Dubbing "ADR" to Film
  • Narration / Commentary for DVD or Audio-Books
  • Editing IVR telephone messages and file conversions into Telephone Messaging Systems

Sound Design, Mix & Music
  • Broadcast-ready sound design & mix for commericals, trailers, animations, films & TV-series
  • Sound design & mix for online media, CDs & DVDs
  • A multitude of Sound Effect libraries to choose from
  • Sound repairs & audio restoration
  • Original & bespoke music composition

  • Mac Pro running Logic Pro 9
  • RME Fireface 800
  • Røde Broadcaster Microphone
  • TL Audio C1 - Dual Valve Microphone Pre-amp & Compressor
  • 2 Genelec 1031A - Stereo Monitoring
  • SPL Volume 8 for 5.1. Surround Monitoring
  • 5 Yamaha HS50M & Yamaha HS10W Subwoofer - 5.1 Surround Sound Monitoring
  • If you need a specific microphone, get in touch and we can hire it in.

Delivery Formats
  • Mono/Stereo/5.1 Surround 24 Bit 48Khz WAV/AIFF, Broadcast WAVE
  • All MP3 formats, including AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC & OGG
  • OMF/AAF (multitrack audio + SMPTE data)
  • We can lay the sound-mix to your Quicktime film and deliver an .MP4 or .MOV
  • µlaw 2:1, Alaw 2:1, PCM, Vox (For IVRs or Interactive Voice Recognition)


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