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David Humphries
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About Loopsync - Location ADR

LoopSync can supply a portable ADR recording service for your film or television drama productions.
Established in 2004 by re-recording mixer Dave Humphries, this innovative system of ADR recording using Pro Tools digital technology gives a new flexibility to dialogue recording for sound post production.
From television dramas to feature films this ADR system can save you money, time and stress on your production. We come to you - so no need to book travel for artists and no loss of shooting time. We can shoot ADR to fit around your filming day - whilst artists are on rain cover, after their scenes are finished or at the end of the day; and because LoopSync can record ADR on site, directors can be on call for sessions or just come to a playback and give approval of takes.
LoopSync can make the recordings available for instant OMF transfer for ongoing editing.

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