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Jon Mowat Cameraman Bristol and London UK

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Jon Mowat Cameraman Bristol and London UK
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Jon Mowat
London and South West,
BS6 5AP,
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About Jon Mowat Cameraman Bristol and London UK

I am a RTS nominated camera operator with wide experience in both network TV and corporate filming. I have 10 years experience and was trained by the BBC. My base is in Bristol but I work across the UK and globally. My network credits cover observational documentaries, presenter led programming, science & consumer features, natural history and current affairs.

I've shot films with Royal Marines in Iraq, helicopter rescue crews over Cornwall, Cheetahs in Namibia, genocide survivors in Rwanda, celebrities in gyms, inner city heroin addicts and presenters of all levels.

I’m easy to work with and have a wide technical expertise on Digibeta, HD, and smaller handheld cameras. Good at lighting, fitting into a team and coming up with creative solutions.

Member of the Guild of Television Cameramen.

I can work as a Self-shoot cameraman or as part of a PSC crew. I’m Experienced on Digi Beta, Full size HD, Small format HD, DSR 570, Z1s Etc, Split track sound recording, Avid, Final Cut Pro and lighting.

Fighting The War - RTS Nomination for Camera work
Six part BBC1 observational documentary telling the behind the scenes story of the Gulf war. I was an embedded journalist with the Royal Marines and told the story of the war through the eyes of a number of characters. The filming was carried out in a highly pressured environment where peoples lives were quite literally at stake. It required careful and considerate handling of both contributors and the organisations in which they worked.

RAC North One TV
A 15 minute pilot for the BBC inside the RAC.

Skint (BBC 2)
Ob doc dealing with life on the breadline. The series covered tough storylines such as drugs, abuse, crime and abject poverty.

Country Cops – Diverse (BBC1)
Ob doc following the work of a rural police force and the community it serves.

Seaside Rescue (BBC1)
Ob doc following the work of the rescue services in the southwest. I spent the summer filming with the helicopter rescue team based in Weymouth. Highlights included an insider’s view of the Boscastle floods.

Flog It!
High turnover, presenter lead format.

Crafty Tricks of War
Prime time BBC2 series exploring military inventions.

The Trouble With Moving
Observational documentary following the ups and downs of couples as they chase their dream homes.

Animal Sanctuary: Namibia
Documentary in which John Craven explored the plight of the Cheetah, and met the women behind a successful rescue project in the African savannah.

Countryfile: Rwanda Special
Half hour documentary presented by John Craven. The film experienced the progress Rwanda has made since the genocide through the eyes and emotions of a group of young farmers from the UK.

Countryfile: Falklands Special
2 X 15 min films Presented by Ben Fogle. These travelogue films followed Ben on a trip round the furthest flung remnant of the British empire meeting the people that live there and seeing the problems they face.

Countryfile: Uganda
10 Minute film on the work of the charity Send a Cow, presented by Micheala Strachan, shot on DSR500
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