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Multi Media Replication LTD
+44 (0) 1264 336330
Phil Hall
Unit 4, Balksbury Estate,
Upper Clatford,
SP11 7LW,
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About Multi Media Replication LTD

Multi Media offers a range of content delivery solutions including CD & DVD replication, CD & DVD duplication, Custom USB duplication, and online live web broadcasting.

Incorporate data duplication and delivery into your own business with our top-rated systems, from CD & DVD disc publishers, through automated CD & DVD printers, to automated memory card labellers.

CD & DVD replication
Our CD & DVD replication service provides you with professionally produced discs finished with a high-quality disc print

For time-critical jobs or requirements for under 500 units we offer our CD & DVD duplication service. Only the best-quality media is used and discs are finished with a high-resolution inkjet print.

Creative Services
Expand the potential of your CD or DVD replication project with our technical and creative services.
  • Print design for disc printing and packaging
  • Interface design and programming
  • Branding: make your logo a desktop icon
  • Video encoding & DVD authoring

Copy Protection
Use our copy protection solutions to keep control of your information. We can find the data security solution that best supports your distribution requirements.
  • CD & DVD replication (>1000 units)
  • CD & DVD duplication (<1000 units)
  • Custom USB duplication
  • for DVD-Video
  • Online authorisation solutions

Custom USB duplication
Produce branded custom USB sticks to promote your corporate identity. USB memory sticks offer fully-rewriteable data storage with up to 32GB capacity and can playback video faster than DVD.

We customise the USB sticks with a high-quality screen print to match your corporate colours and preloaded company information.

Disc Publisher systems
Fulfil your CD & DVD replication requirements in-house with our automated disc publishers. These systems provide you with high-volume CD / DVD duplicators and printers in one box.

Content On Demand
We are a forward-looking company and recognise that the future lies with low-stock, just-in-time delivery and on demand systems.

We can support multi media on-demand solutions for almost any delivery platform - CD / DVD replication, CD / DVD duplication, Custom USB and online.


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Phil Hall Managing Director 01264 336330

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