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Jabez Production
01252 783201
mob 07970 891940
Ian Oakley
Waverley Abbey House,
Waverley Lane,
corporate video production Farnham Surrey,
Music production companies Farnham,
GU9 8EP,
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About Jabez Production

Jabez production is a video production company working in the music, corporate and charity industries. We offer a complete production service, from which you can use as much or as little as you like.
We can handle every part of the production process, from scriptwriting and production to mastering and duplication.

We take the time to understand every client, so we can provide exactly what they need. We're comfortable working to any production level - from fast turnaround pieces with a one-day, one-man crew shoot and a single day's edit to large projects with complex content and post production. We'll work from a brief and direct ourselves, or we'll work with client direction - as the job requires.
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