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About Polar Graphics

Polar Graphics are exclusive distributors for a number of hardware and software products for the film, television and audio visual industry.

Amongst these products are:
  • Digieffects - special effects plugins

  • Tinderbox - special effects plugins

  • Ultimatte - blue/green screen compositing hardware for real time applications and Ultimatte software for rendered applications

  • Digital Voodoo and Bluefish - 10bit SD SDI & HD SDI capture cards for Mac and PC

  • Medea Corporation - high speed disc arrays

  • Huge Systems - High speed disc arrays

  • iMatte - masking and interactivity for the projection/presentation market

  • Polar converters - digital/analogue converters

Polar Graphics has been importing and distributing products for the film, TV and Multimedia industries for over 10 years - however, its history goes far beyond that. Many of you may recall Polar Video. You may even remember the notorious Polar/VME IBC parties at the Subterfuge club and Pink Coconut in Brighton. Well, Peter Rowsell, who is the MD and founding member of Polar Graphics, was a partner in Polar Video and largely responsible for those manic evenings.

Peter started his career at Eclair Debrie and Rank Film Equipment selling lighting, film cameras and then later moving into the fledgling video industry. Peter built upon his experiences in the film markets to establish a European network of resellers for Convergence Corp, who manufactured the first linear joystick operated editor in the world. Subsequently, he joined forces with Fred Smith to form Polar Video and established a worldwide distribution network for their products.

Peter started Polar Graphics in 1994 and his decades of experience in sales, marketing and manufacturing has led to a successful distribution company with strong relationships with both manufacturers and dealers alike. Starting with Ultimatte products and then taking on BorisFX and Digieffects it was obvious that the market was moving heavily into non-linear Digital production. This generated the need for Polar to spread its wings and hence the introduction of Digital Voodoo/Bluefish444 and Medea products. Most recently, the introduction of Huge/Ciprico and G-Tech products have complemented the line-up.

Polar's main aim is to have an exclusive range of non-competitive products and to distribute those products through their UK and European dealer network. It is Polar's policy that all products are sold through their dealers - this gives dealers the confidence that they can work with Polar, knowing that we will not try to take customers from them. At the same time, we have always been happy to talk to end-users direct, providing the highest calibre technical service to our dealers and their customers.


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Plan Your Visit For BVE 2017: Don't MISS OUT Visit THE Polar Bears Of Polar Graphics

Visiting BVE 2017? Ensure you don't miss out on visiting the Polar Bears, Stand No. H09
"The Bear Essentials for Media and Entertainment"

Polar's portfolio is vast and comprises of solutions to aid / develop any workflow from: Ingest to Store to Archive. Placing Polar at the forefront of their field.

The team will be available at BVE 2017 to discuss all the products in our range which includes:

StorageDNA: Revolutionary Storage Architecture

Bluefish444: Best of the Best video cards, with nothing beyond their capture

Apantac: The no compromise multiviewers and converters

Stardom: The RAID you can rely on, whatever your workflow

Mediaproxy: Software-based broadcast and IP monitoring, analysis and compliance all in one place

Visit: for more info
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