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First Aid & Medical Cover
First Aid Event Cover
Hatt Medics provide professional first aid and medical cover for all types of events. If you are planning an event it is essential that you provide adequate first aid and medical cover. Hatt Medics can provide you with a number of first aid options from a single first aider to a team of medial professionals including ambulance support, emergency medical technicians (EMT’s), paramedics, nurses and doctors.

We cover a range of public and private events from televisions and films, music festivals, extreme sports events, triathlons and endurance events to school, college and village fetes.

We will work closely with you to ensure you event has the right level of medical cover that you require. Our first aid teams can provide a medical base unit for static events such as music or summer fetes or can roam, moving with the event which is useful for sporting and comptition days . You have the option to have our medics and first aiders uniformed in ‘overt’ clothing or for more formal occasions, dressed ‘covertly’ to blend with the atmosphere of your event.

Our events safety teams are based in Brighton, London and in the Southeast and are available to travel all over the country and overseas. Additional services such as ambulances can be provided if required.

First Aid Event Service We Offer:
Based upon your event's size and medical requirements we can cater a personalised medical and first aid package to cover the following features:

A comprehensive site medical risk assessment
A team of professionaly trained medics and first aiders
Provison of medical auxillary supplies and eqipment
A static medical unit and/ or free roaming medic support
A follow up incident and casulty report of the day to help you plan future event medical cover and support.
We Provide Medical Cover For:
TV and films sets / locations Medical Cover
Sporting events Medical Cover
Triathlons Medical Cover
Endurance events Medical Cover
Extreme sports games Medical Cover
Moto X events Medical Cover
Music Festivals Medical Cover
Public gatherings Medical Cover
Corporate events Medical Cover

Hatt Safety Medical Cover provides a range of safety solutions for the television and film industries. We can provide the complete package from location recces to specialist safety rigging at height or on the water, making potentially hazardous or remote locations such as; mountains, cliff tops, tree tops, buildings, rivers, white-water rapids and the sea as safe as possible to use.

Our teams are experienced and skilled safety technicians, with wide ranging backgrounds from Mountain Guides, IRATA Technicians to Swift Water Rescue teams. All of our teams our experienced in the film industry and understand the pressures of filming.

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Write a review of The hatt - Event Medics

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